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December 16, 2013
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SMITE Nu Wa alternative skin by Brolo SMITE Nu Wa alternative skin by Brolo
Hi Guy, here is another female character, Thank for your support!

When two warring Gods shattered the World Pillar, Heaven and Earth dangerously shifted, and Armageddon was unleashed. Firestorms, floods, and bloodthirsty monsters ravaged the land and stole the lives of more than can be counted. In ages past, Nu Wa, Guardian of Heaven and Earth, hand-crafted all people from clay. They were her creations, her children, her responsibility.

As the Earth shuddered and broke, and the skies turned black with ash, Nu Wa forged five mystic stones, one for each of the elemental forces of nature: Earth, Water, Fire, Wood, and Metal. With the power of these stones, she slew a gargantuan tortoise, severed its legs, and raced to the broken World Pillar. One leg she used to prop the Heavens aloft and with the elemental stones, she sealed it in place. Balance between Heaven and Earth was restored, but the world was never the same. Skies cleared, but the stars had shifted. Seas retreated, but rivers drained westward. Everything leaned, but the End was averted.

In the years that followed, Nu Wa and her brother, Fu Xi, took the throne of China. They ruled with wisdom and ushered in an age of recovery and prosperity, for which she is adored and worshipped to this day.

Yet, the skies grow dark once more and chaos threatens to engulf the land. Gods from all Pantheons have chosen Earth as a battleground, trading blows with the same thoughtless fervor that destroyed the World Pillar so long ago. Determined to prevent such calamity from repeating, Nu Wa has summoned the elemental stones once more. For she is the Guardian of Heaven and Earth; all mankind are her creations, her children, her responsibility.
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My favorite character <3 I adore this!
Nice Job budy, can you upload Artemis art?. She is my favorite character :D. Thnks!
If you did the art for Isis golden could you please upload it? I cant find that player card in good resolution and shes my favorite character :P
Suez-H3 Jan 11, 2014  Professional Interface Designer
:) Good art. :D
sergio-quijada Jan 11, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
El weon bakan pos loco. Grande Brolo.
She's very sexy
ariedry Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Your artwork simply made the game prettier :)
very detail Oriented.  Nice job 
Great pose and perspective, beautiful upper body and details, wonderful color.  Thank you for sharing it, and a favorite!
Giye Dec 18, 2013  Professional General Artist
la zorra, ahora sal de la casa y vamo a comer asao wn. jajajaja
no creo estar en posición de opinar nada jajaja pero como sé que apreciai la crítica, te tiro mi humildísima opinión:

-las carnes se le ven "duras", sobre todo los pesho y los brazo. Creo que además el pinceleado ahí le juega un poco en contra, porque se le ve la piel un poco irregular, no la veo blandita y masticable.
-las escamas tienen que ser más regulares, por lo general esa solución tiene un orden súper simétrico en parte. Podríai para esos casos hacer a mano tu propia "textura" base, acomodarla encima y luego corregir a mano sus luces y perspectivas, etc etc, para que no se viera como un pegoteo.

Te quiero hermano, aver si un día me dejo caer por la llama y ñoñeamos de este tipo de cosas en vivo con Piscolas, poco a poco me dan ganas de dibujar un poco más, weon.

PD: antes que vengan a trolearme, el Brolo es de los que más aprecian la crítica. 
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